Spying Swimwear

Going somewhere hot and worried about
sun protection?

The best and most natural barrier between your skin and the sun's damaging rays is clothing. At the beach or the pool, where the sun's reflected light is intensified, sun protective swimwear is the simplest and most effective form of sun protection.

Children, in particular, are at risk from sunburn and sometimes the signs of sun damage are not obvious until the burn has happened. Even on overcast days when it is cool there can be enough UV in the air to damage sensitive skin.

Lion in the Sun offers a mix and match UV swimwear collection, a practical way to beat the sun burn. You can slip on sun protection like a second skin, layering up and down with the sun.

At Lion in the Sun, we've been making our own UV swimwear and designer prints since 1999 and are proud of the number of regular customers who buy from us every year, setting a good sun-safe example to their kids and keeping the burn at bay.

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Is Lion in the Sun lying in the sun?

Absolutely! We're beach people and, happily, research is a very important part of our business.

At Lion in the Sun, we design and test all our own swimwear,  which has involved many hours on various beaches all over the world with camera and sketch book. We're always looking for ideas, testing, talking to people.

Best job in the world? Probably.

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